The 10 Worst Power 5 Teams In History

The 10 Worst Power 5 Teams In History
The 10 Worst Power 5 Teams In History

The 10 Worst Power 5 Teams In History
The 10 Worst Power 5 Teams In History

The 10 Worst Power 5 Teams In History

10. Washington State Cougars

Seasons: 102

All Time Record: 487-535-38

Winning %: .474

The Cougars haven’t been bad recently, and had a couple of good stretches since the 90s, but before that you have to go back to the 1930s to find anything other than the occasional anomalous decent year.

9. Vanderbilt Commodores

Seasons: 118

All Time Record:  549-625-43

Winning %: .472

The .472 winning percentage doesn’t sound bad at first… until you realize that there was a 20 year stretch about 100 years ago when Vandy was a powerhouse. Take out those 20 years and it’s bad.

8. Marshall Thundering Herd

Seasons: 45

All Time Record:  246-272-3

Winning %: .471

The Herd have been consistently good for a decade or so, and they owned the MAC in the late 90s, but there was nothing but average in between and terrible before.

7. Kansas Jayhawks

Seasons: 121

All Time Record: 532-645-54

Winning %: .454

The Jayhawks were a force in the 1900’s and 1910s. and they seem to figure things out for a year or two every three of four decades. Other than that, they almost define ‘perennial loser’.

6. Northwestern Wildcats

Seasons: 128

All Time Record: 548-679-40

Winning %: .449

The Wildcats have been consistently above average since 1885. Before that? You have to go back to the 60s to find a single winning season.

5. Oregon State Beavers

Seasons: 104

All Time Record:  474-581-36

Winning %: .449

The Beavers had a nice little stretch for a decade or so in the late 90s and early 00s where they were really good, but beyond that, they’ve been remarkably… and consistently… awful.

4. Iowa State Cyclones

Seasons: 124

All Time Record: 535-655-45

Winning %: .448

The last 5 years has been the best stretch in 124 years of ISU football… and that’s with 2 9 win seasons, 3 8 win seasons, and a 7 wins season. And it’s the best stretch by a significant stretch.

3. Kansas State Wildcats

Seasons: 119

All Time Record: 491-616-34

Winning %: .433

K-State has been a remarkably steady program for a couple of decades, but for virtually the rest of their history, they’ve been terrible. Of those 491 wins, 234 have come since 1993. Which means that in the nearly 100 years prior to that, they totaled just 257. That’s about 2 and a half wins a year. For a century.

2. Wake Forest Demon Deacons

Seasons: 114

All Time Record: 469-667-31

Winning %: .410

The Demon Deacons have been respectable for a few years, and had a brief spurt of success in the mid 90’s, but if you want to see a Wake Forest team that was respectable before that, you literally have to go back to the 30’s and 40’s.

1. Indiana Hoosiers

Seasons: 123

All Time Record: 475-673-38

Winning %: .417

If you;re feeling bad for Hoosiers fans after 2021’s 2-10 debacle, don’t. They’re used to it. This team has averaged less than 4 wins a year since before cars were a thing. You’d think that in 123 years, they’d get it right on accident now and then, especially being a Big Ten school, but, as evidenced by a grand total of 90 non winning seasons, 2 conference titles, and 3 bowl wins, they have not.

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