10 Most Disappointing Teams Of 2021

10 Most Disappointing Teams Of 2021
10 Most Disappointing Teams Of 2021

10 Most Disappointing Teams Of 2021
10 Most Disappointing Teams Of 2021

10. Clemson Tigers

9 – 3

9 – 3 wouldn’t be a disappointing season for most teams, but when you’ve had a seat reserved in the paly-off for half a d@mn decade, it’s a step down.

florida gators

9. Florida Gators

6 – 6

After taking ‘Bama to the limit, the Gators dove off a cliff.

8. Indiana Hoosiers

2 – 10

The Hoosiers took the Big 10 by storm in 2020. In 2021 they reverted to Hoosiers football.

7. Liberty Flames

7 – 5

This was the year Liberty was gonna go all Boise State on us. Everyone was back from 2020’s breakthrough team and the Sunbelt was about to become their yard. Turns out, not so much.

6. LSU Tigers

6 – 6

Covid dismantled this team in 2020 and with all the pieces back everyone expected the Tigers to show it was just a glitch. Turns out they’re just average.

Texas Longhorns

5. Texas Longhorns

5 – 7

It’s hard to call anything the Longhorns do a disappointment. Every year they’re back, until they aren’t. Disappointment is all there is pretty much since Vince Young left.

4. USC

4 – 7

This was the year the Trojans took back the PAC 12. Kedon Slovis was a Heisman contender. Now I’m not even sure he plays football anymore.

3. North Carolina Tar Heels

6 – 6

The pieces were all there for the Tar Heels. Sam Howell was a Heisman front runner. Clemson was vulnerable. Not only did the Tar Heels not compete for the ACC, they d@mn near missed the post season all together.

2. Ohio State

10 – 2

Like Clemson, anything short of the play-off is a disappointment. 2021 will go down as a waste of probably the best wide receiver corps in the history of college football. Turns out you need a defense to win championships.

1. (Tie) Iowa State

7 – 5

Some, ourselves included thought this was the Cyclones year. This was easily one of the best top to bottom rosters in college football. Instead they were just another average Big 12 team.

1. (Tie) Washington Huskies

4 – 8

The Huskies were a popular pick to dominate the PAC 12. Instead they were probably the biggest disappointment of the 2021 season.

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