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Renaming Every College Football Team (N-Z)

Navy Ironsides

The USS Constitution, also known as “Old Ironsides” is still afloat after 213 years earning her the reputation of being the oldest standing ship in American history. She served her country from 1797 to 1881 when she became an official training ship. A d@mn fine namesake.

NC State Oakmen

Raleigh, the city which is home to NC State, is known as the “City Of Oaks”.

Nebraska Nitro

There are things in Nebraska that aren’t corn.  Not many, but some.  Among them is one of the coolest museums in America… the Museum Of American Speed… a memorial to all types of speed behind the wheel.  We’ve all seen Fast and Furious… And so, Nitro.

Nevada Neon

The University of Nevada is in Reno, which is basically Vegas, Junior…. A neon landscape.

New Mexico Alphas

Alpha.  The first.  New Mexico is a state of firsts.  Among many others, we can thank the state for atomic bombs, personal computers, Nicotine patches, and breakfast burritos.

NM State Missiles

New Mexico State’s campus lies next to White Sands missile range.

North Carolina Southern Angels

Chapel Hill, the City UNC is located in, is known as “The Southern Part Of Heaven”.  And so… the Southern Angels.

North Texas Roadies

UNT’s home of Denton, Texas is a music hotspot, with two massive festivals every year.  And when you have a bunch of bands… you have herds of roadies.

Northern Illinois Barbwires

No hidden meanings here… Dekalb, the home of NIU, is literally known as the “Birthplace of barbed wire.”

Northwestern Nerds

Being the Midwest’s version of an Ivy league school, we figured Northwestern needed a name a bit… nerdier.  So why not the name the rest of us call these smart folks? In the interest of accuracy, it was either that or “Millionaires”.

Notre Dame Golden Domers

You think Notre Dame…. And you think those helmets.  And, like Auburn, they just happen to have a perfect unused nickname hanging around.

Ohio Charters

Ohio University was the very first university in the US to be chartered through acts of Congress.

Ohio State Crossroaders

The Iconic schools are tough… we settled on Crossroaders…. The City of Columbus has a motto… “All roads lead through here.  The Heart of it all”.  So… Crossroaders.

Oklahoma Rousters

Oil is a big deal in Oklahoma… their state capital building is actually built on top of an oil well.  A rouster is one of the guys who works on the oil rig.

Oklahoma State Commanders

The great state of Oklahoma has put more people into orbit than any other state.  So we gave them the name of the highest mission rank for astronauts.

Old Dominion Fleet

ODU is located in Norfolk, home of pretty much the biggest shipyard/ port in the universe.  A bunch of ships is a fleet.  Good to go.

Ole Miss Transplanters

The first Heart. Lung, and kidney transplants took place in the great state of Mississippi.

Oregon Cascades

The cascades are a mountain range just outside of Salem, where Oregon’s campus is.

Oregon State Sea Dogs

For many years, Oregon was a popular hiding spot for Pirates to stash their booty.  “Sea Dog” is a more unique name for a pirate.

Penn State Keystones

Pennsylvania is known as “The Keystone State for its role in this country’s founding. Seems significant enough to name a football team after.

Pittsburgh Casters

There’s a reason Pittsburgh’s NFL team is the Steelers… this city is built on (and with) steel.  A caster is both a steelworker’s job and an important steel part.

Purdue Flying Scotsmen

Boilermakers made the Steam trains go… there was no more famous steam train than the flying Scotsman.

Rice Nanobots

If Rice has ever been good at football, I don’t remember it. What they are good at is nanotechnology; one of the premier hubs in the world.

Rutgers Scarlet Vanguards

A vanguard is defined as a position at the forefront of new developments or ideas. The very first college football game? Rutgers vs. Princeton. As far as football goes you don’t get more vanguard than that.

San Diego State Orcas

San Diego is the home of Sea World… and you know what there aren’t any of? Teams named after Killer Whales.

San Jose State Silicons

San Jose iis often called the capital of Silicon Valley.

SMU Express

The Mustangs had a pair of running backs in the 80s… One you’ve no doubt heard of… Eric Dickerson.  The other, Craig James, played in a Super Bowl with New England.  At SMU, they were known as the ‘Pony Express’.  Express seems like a fitting tribute.

South Alabama Ringmasters

USA is located in Mobile… home of the oldest carnival in the US

South Carolina Simians

South Carolina is the only state in the US with a colony of wild monkeys.

South Florida Storm

USF is in Tampa, a city known for violent storms coming in off the Gulf of Mexico.

Southern Miss Colossals

USM’s oceanography department is among the best in the world, and is well known for studies of the Colossal squid.

Stanford Satellite

Stanford is like Northwestern, is basically a misplaced Ivy League school. Without their science department, our space program wouldn’t look the way it does; many of the satellites in orbit have Stanford fingerprints all over them. Not sure why the Cardinal instead of Cardinals, but we kept the context thing going. So… the Stanford Satellite.

Syracuse Tempest

If you’re moving to Syracuse, bring a jacket and a shovel. No metro area in the United States gets as much snow as Syracuse. A Tempest is a big @ss windy storm.

TCU Gravers

60% of America’s money is printed at the US Beareau of Engraving and printing facility in Fort Worth, where the TCU campus is located.  Engravers, the folks who actually do the printing of said money, were, once upon a time, referred to as “Gravers”.  Which sounds like a great d@mn name for a football team.

Temple Independence

Temple is in Philly, arguably the birthplace of American government.

Tennessee Smokies

Named after the Great Smokie Mountains, also known as the “Smokie.”

Texas Barbecue Kings

Ask anyone who’s been there, and they’ll tell you the one thing that puts Austin foremost on the map…. More than all of their history…. Is food.  Austin is known as the best place on earth for Barbecue.  This is football.  We can’t think of a more inspirational name.

Texas A&M 12ers

A&M has some of the better traditions in all of college football… Youtube it. But when you think Aggies, you think about that 12th man. There are all kinds of number teams out there… 49ers, 76ers, 51ers… son why not 12ers?

Texas State Johnsons

This is from TSU’s actual website. “We’ve been dedicated to excellence and innovation for more than a century. We are the only university in Texas to have graduated a U.S. president. We are the only university in Texas to have graduated a U.S. president. We are the only university in Texas to have graduated a U.S. president.” It seems they’re pretty d@mn proud of that fact. The President, if you’re wondering, was LBJ. We’re all about pleasing the masses.

Texas Tech Matadors

Texas Tech was called the Matadors before they were the Red Raiders. No worlk necessary here.

Toledo Glaziers

Toledo is known as the “Glass City”. One who works with glass? A Glazier.

Tulane Crescents

Tulane is in New Orleans, known as the Crescent City

Tulsa Drillers

The University of Tulsa is known for its petroleum engineering programs, which are taught in a $16 million facility complete with drilling simulator

UAB Vulcans

Vulcan, the mythical god of metalworking, is the largest cast iron statue in the world and is second in size only to the Statue of Liberty. The statue sits high atop Red Mountain as a symbol of Birmingham’s birth in the iron and steel industry.

UCF Citronauts

This was UCF’s original logo… it’s a bit cheezy and outdated, so it’ll need some work but ‘Citronauts” is d@mn sure unique and sounds cool.

UCLA Black Hats

We wanted to pick an internet themed name, as the first message to hit the internet originated from UCLA.  Black Hat is a reference to the most feared of all hackers.

UConn Storrs

UConn was founded in 1881 as the Storrs Agricultural School, named after two brothers who donated the land for the school. In 1893, the school became a land grant college. In 1939, the name was changed to the University of Connecticut. A tribute to the past.

UMass Skullcaps

This one comes from a UMass fan tradition.  Freshman sported their UMass beanies around campus until the football team scored it’s first touchdown.  (Side note… if it’s still in place, they’ll be wearing them until November most years.)  Some students referred to the beanies as skullcaps.

UNLV Gamblers

It’s Vegas.

USC Beacons

There are three beacons (or torches) on the USC seal, the arts, sciences, and philosophy.

UTEP Glory

UTEP Formerly known as Texas Western, was the first school to win a championship with all african american starters… Glory Road is the name of a street on the UTEP campus near the Sun Bowl which was renamed to commemorate the 1966 NCAA championship. “Glory” seems like a good tribute.

UTSA Daystars

UTSA plays on the old Sun Bowl, so we wanted to go with a sun- themed name. ‘Daystar” was the coolest one.

Utah Hellskiiers

Salt Lake City, home of the University of Utah, is known as the ski capital of the world.  Hellskiing is the most dangerous form of the sport… they actually jump out of a helicopter to start.

Utah State Nukes

Starting in WWII, the Navy sent personnel to USU for their nuclear electrical training program.  These trainees were known as ‘Nukes”

Vanderbilt Commodores

Cornelius Vanderbilt, namesake of the school, was called “The Dreadnaught” by his contemporaries… citing the old definition… a fearless man… as in “dreads naught”.  Vandy may never win more than a game or two in a season, but they’ll have a bad @ss name.

Virginia Wahoos

UVA students are also called “Wahoos”. A wahoo is a fish that is said to drink twice its own weight. Interpret that how you like.

Virginia Tech Sandmen

Just Youtube Enter Sandman Virginia Tech.  No further explanation needed.

Wake Forest Wild Bactrians

I’ll save you the time Googling… it’s a camel.  Winston Salem, home of Wake Forest in known as “Camel City”

Washington Baristas

Coffe culture is huge in Seattle where UW’s campus is located.

Washington State Agros

WSU was begun as a heavily agricultural influenced school.  Prior to ‘Cougars’, all of their names were farming related.  “Agro” is short for “Agronomist”.. The guys who bring science into farming.

West Virginia Almost Angels

West Virginia, almost Heaven…

Western Kentucky Masters

WKU’s motto is “The spirit makes the master.”

Western Michigan Leadfoots

A leadfoot is another name for a taxi driver… Kalamazoo was, for years, the biggest manufacturer of Checker cabs.

Wisconsin Hogs

The Badger state is also the home of Harley Davidson. Harley riders are known as “Hogs”.

Wyoming Tetons

A mountain range in Wyoming.

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