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The Best D@mn NFL Power Rankings: Week 1

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Marvel NFL Concept Helmet

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-0)

Beat Dallas 31-29

So maybe all the talk of 20-0 was a bit premature? This is what happens. Defenses evolve. The entire NFL has had a full offseason to figure the Bucs out. Fortunately for Tampa, while the Cowboys D laid a blueprint, it isn’t good enough to actually pull it off and Tom Brady is still… Tom Brady. It was just another Brady moment…. am I the only one tired of them? Everyone will be heaping in on Tom again, but the biggest thing we take from this game? If Zurlein hadn’t taken a half off, and if the Cowboys didn’t have the worst coach in the NFL… the Bucs would be 0-1.


Kansas City Chiefs Marvel NFL Concept Helmet

2. Kansas City Chiefs (1-0)

Beat Cleveland 33-29

The Chiefs weren’t impressive at all in the first, but in most cases it’s inevitable… at some point they’re going to go all Kansas City on you. But the Browns once again showed how to beat this team. The problem is there are only a few teams equipped to do it. Still not all in on the Chiefs yet, though… the D and that ho-hum first half are concerning.


Buffalo Bills Marvel NFL Concept Helmet

3. Buffalo Bills (0-1)

Lost to Pittsburgh 23-16

No need to stress, Bills Mafia. It happens. Josh Allen had a breakout year last year. D coordinators have had all offseason to plot and scheme. And that’s just what this was… one of the best defenses in the league came in with a perfect game plan. By the second half, Allen looked like a rookie again. Guys were dropping passes, fumbling, ducking at shadows. That’s what happens when a good D kicks the h@ll of you for an entire game. All that being said, the D kept up its part of the deal. That’s why no one goes undefeated. Even the bad teams are still made up of the best in the world.


Los Angeles Rams Marvel NFL Concept Helmet

4. Los Angeles Rams (1-0)

Beat Chicago 34-13

If there’s one QB in the NFL as happy as Sam Darnold… maybe moreso… it’s Matthew Stafford. You could sees the man was having a blast playing with his new toys. The Bears may not be very good, but that;s still a decent D… and Stafford had his way with them. Those wondering if this makes the Rams legit contenders? That would be a hard yes.


Los Angeles Chargers Marvel NFL Concept Helmet

5. Los Angeles Chargers (1-0)

Beat Washington 20-16

It wasn’t perfect. Herbert’s pick in the fourth quarter was terrible. The running game didn’t do much, but this was the best D in the league. And against that best D in the league, Herbert put up 337, and they got a win on the road. Take that and run.


San Francisco 49ers Marvel NFL Concept Helmet

6. San Francisco 49ers (1-0)

Beat Detroit 41-33

The ‘Niners offense is definitely at full strength, and that D line is back and savage as ever.  But the secondary should scare 49ers fans.  Jared Goff looked like Super Bowl Jared Goff at the end.  That Defensive backfield could be huge achilles heel with Stafford, Wilson, and Murray coming at you twice each.


Green Bay Packers Marvel NFL Concept Helmet

7. Green Bay Packers (0-1)

Disclaimer:  I’m a cheesehead.  I’ve been watching the Packers for 40 years or so…. I actually remember before Rodgers and even Favre.  In those 40 years, this is the worst Packer Game I’ve ever witnessed.  They couldn’t run or throw the ball.  Couldn’t stop the run or the pass.  The Packers D had Jameis Winston looking like prime Michael Vick out there.  Should Packer fans worry?  Nah.  Like Buffalo, coordinators have been scheming against the Packers all off season.  Throw in possibly the worst game of Rodgers’ career… it was just one of those games that spiral on you.  As Rodgers said… It’s one game.  16 to go.


Arizona Cardinals Marvel NFL Concept Helmet

8. Arizona Cardinals (1-0)

Beat Tennessee 38-13

The Titans O was garbage, but the Cardinals D had a lot to do with that. If Arizona can find a semi consistent running game Kyler could do some real damage this year. A.J. Green is going to make some crucial plays out there… the Cardinals have enough good WRs that he’s going to eat up some man to man coverage. There were a few Murray missed… Wouldn’t count on him doing so again with the Vikings secondary being what it is.


Cleveland Browns Marvel NFL Concept Helmets

9. Cleveland Browns (0-1)

Lost to Kansas City 33-29

This game was lost right before the botched punt. All game long, the Browns were doing what they’re built to do. Baker killing them with play action as they running game grinds. But there they were, Chiefs on their heels, first and ten… and back goes Baker. And down goes Baker. The rest of the game for the Browns rested on his arm… and we see how that turned out. If the Browns lean on Baker they will always fall in the end.


Baltimore Ravens Marvels NFL Concept Helmet

10. Baltimore Ravens (0-1)

Lost to Las Vegas 33-27

Two things stood out in the Ravens loss this week. One: Lamar has gotten better this offseason. Two: He’ll need every bit of that improvement in 2021. The Ravens are built to run. It’s their identity. But they don’t have the RBs to do it like they usually do. What that means is Lamar is going to have to be more of a passing QB. We already see the effect Sammy Watkins has on the Ravens’ passing game. Still a playoff team, but this needs to be the year Lamar becomes a great passer to thing Super Bowl.


Seattle Seahawks Marvel NFL Concept Helmet

11. Seattle Seahawks (1-0)

Beat Indianapolis 28-16

It always starts this way. There are pieces in place and all that. But by the end of the year the wheels have all fallen off and Wilson ends up carrying the team on his back while it all burns. Here, for example, it looked like the Seahawks have a good D. They don’t… Carson Wentz just sucks. It would be nice if the wheels stayed on this year, but don’t hold your breath.


New Orleans Saints Marvel NFL Concept Helmet

12. New Orleans Saints (1-0)

Beat Green Bay 38-3

That was pretty much every aspect of “Best case scenario” for the Saints. That was probably one of the couple best games Winston has played in the NFL. Super Bowl contenders? Don’t get excited. But the Saints could be a whole lot better than most people thought.


Indianapolis Colts Marvel NFL Concept Helmet

13. Indianapolis Colts (0-1)

Lost to Seattle 28-16

The Colts still don’t know how to use Jonathan Taylor, and folks have been asking the wrong question about Carson Wentz. It’s not “Is he healthy’…. the question is “What makes anyone think this guy is the answer to anything?” He was a one hit wonder. And so, yet again, the Colts will underachieve. Just like this.


Pittsburgh Steelers Marvel NFL Concept Helmet

14. Pittsburgh Steelers (1-0)

Beat Buffalo 23-16

Last year Big Ben started strong, but over the course of the season he faded. By the end of the year he wasn’t Big Ben anymore… Just old Ben Roethlisberger. He seems to have picked up where he left off. Make no mistake…. he wasn’t a good QB against the Bills. As long as he’s in there, the Steelers will just be average. And that’s a shame, because that D… is lights out. There were times it seemed like there were about 15 of them out there. No matter where Allen threw, there were 3 black shirts. Every play. But they can’t compensate for an old, bad QB for 18 weeks.


Miami Dolphins Marvel NFL Concept Helmet

15. Miami Dolphins (1-0)

Beat New England 17-16

Oh, that’s why the Dolphins were trying to move heaven and earth to get Deshaun Watson. You have to wonder how long a team this good will be wasted on a college assembly line product. The Pats D is good, but not that d@mn good.


Tennessee Titans Marvel NFL Concept Helmet

16. Tennessee Titans (0-1)

Lost to Arizona 38-13

I was genuinely excited to see the effect Julio Jones was going to have on the Titans. Even if he’s lost a step, he’s still Julio. The lanes he was going to create for Travis Henry! Tannehill was going to look like Marino! 240 yards. As a team. For an entire game. And got blown out. At home. To Arizona. Stupid Titans.


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