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The Best D@mn NFL Picks: Week 2

It’s suddenly hard to pick the nameless ones. For the time being, this is Taylor Heinicke’s team. However, this is a Giants team that could onlly manage 13 against the Broncos… and they weren’t even that good. What are they going to do against this D? It’s a lot easier to pick Taylor at homw knowing he probably only needs to put up 17.

Washington 20 New York Giants 10

Kyler Murray has got to be salivating over this Vikings secondary.  The Vikings will keep it close for a while, Cousins will pile up some numbers, they’ll stop feeding Dalvin Cook the ball as the Cardinals pull away…. And the Cardinals wind up winning by a couple of scores. So basically the usual for MInnesota.

Arizona 38 Minnesota 27

The Titans were a bust in week one. Only the Texans won in their division in week one, so it’s a bit early to call a game a must win… but this is close. Seattle’s D isn’t great, so this is a good opportunity to remember the whole “scoring points” thing. Seattle will keep pace, though… if you’re an A.D.D. football fan and want a ton of points… here you go.

Tennessee 38 Seattle 35

The Browns had every opportunity to take out the Chiefs in week one and couldn’t close the deal.  The Texans will come on back to reality; Cleveland will build a big early lead and coast from there.

Cleveland 34 Houston 17

There is no way Jameis Winston is that good now. Betting on him playing two games in a row ike that is like betting on the weather. Sam Darnold has a ways to go, but by the end of the year the Panthers will be ahead of the Saints in the standings.

Carolina 31 New Orleans 23

Stafford leads his new team  on the road for the first time for a showdown with the Colts.  Only… this won’t be much of a showdown.  Indy seems incapable of understanding how to use the talent they have in their backfield.  No, you’ll see an arial war between Stafford and Wentz.  And that’s like taking a knife to a gun fight.

LA Rams 35 Indianapolis 24

One guy will determine the outcome of this game… Josh Jacobs.  Carr isn’t going to drop 450 on the Steel Curtain.  We know what we’re going to get out of Pittsburgh.  24 points will win this game.  If Chucky can get over his fear of running the football and keep feeding Jacobs, the Raiders win this game.

Las Vegas 24 Pittsburgh 17

Two of this year’s top rookie QBs go head to head.  Both were impressive at times in week one.  The GOAT of coaches couldn’t get a win out of his team at home… he should at least get a win out of them against the J-E-T-S.  It’ll be closer than most think, though.

Patriots 24 Jets 20

Another week that Matt Ryan will wish he had hung the cleats up after last year.  This one will be overr by halftime.

Tampa Bay 42 Atlanta 17

You want to see a fantasy explosion?  Here’s your game.  Both QBs will put up 300+ passing yards.  There will be points.  What there won’t be from Dallas is a D…. not much they can do about that… or a running game, which they could fix…. And would if they didn’t have the worst coach in the NFL.  Dak will carry the ‘Boys to wins against bad teams, but he needs more help than he has against the Chargers.

LA Chargers 38 Dallas 28

There are only a few teams in the NFL who are built to be Chiefs killers.  You need to run the ball, keep KC off the field.  No one does than better than Baltimore.  Cleveland did it, and almost knocked the Chiefs off.  But unlike the Browns, the Ravens have a D.

Baltimore 31 Kansas City 28

Trevor will split time this week… there were moments he looked like the next big thing, and there were moments he looked like just another rookie QB.  Don’t expect much of the first against this Broncos D.  Teddy B’s Mile High Crew rolls.

Denver 38 Jacksonville 13

The Bills will be looking to flex after getting smacked around by the Steelers, and the ‘Phins are still a very good team with a very average QB.  Shouldn’t be any doubt who’s running the AFC East after this one.

Buffalo 35 Miami 16

The Bears D is going to be mosre than Joe Burrow can handle; after what the Rams did to them, this unit will be looking to make a point… God help Joey B with that line.

Chicago 24 Cincinnati 17

Jalen Hurts is going to be a star, but it won’t be this week against the ‘Niners.  That pass rush will have him on his heels.  San Fran’s “we’re back!” tour continues.

San Francisco 38 Philadelphia 24

Wouldn’t it be crazy if, after all of the fuss Aaron Rodgers stirred up in the off season, it turned out he hit the “Old guy” wall and suddenly sucks?  You have to imagine he’ll be looking to make a point against the Lions… if you haven’t noticed, he does that.  Goff should look good as well… as we saw, the Packers D still can’t stop anyone.

Green Bay 42 Detroit 31

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