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The Best D@mn College Football Picks And Preview: Week 3

The Cajuns struggled last week, but the Bobcats lost to Duquesne.  (It’s Doo-Kane if you’re wondering.)

Louisiana 42 Ohio 13

UCF will have no problem tossing the Cardinals around their own stadium.

UCF 45 Louisville 10

Tua’s little brother is making his own name in Maryland… the Illini D should more than help him add another nice chapter.

Maryland 38 Illinois 24

Once upon a time this was THE game every year.  Now?  The Sooners struggled far more with Tulsa than they will with the ‘Huskers.

Oklahoma 52 Nebraska 20

The Lobos are as good as they’ve been in years, for what that’s worth.  But still no where near ready for the Aggies… a team just waiting to explode offensively.  Good chance this is the week that happens.

Texas A&M 42 New Mexico 10

The Bearcats begin the most important month in program history this week.  The Hoosiers are just good enough that the Aggies smashing them will help if getting in at the end of the year is close.

Cincinnati 38 Indiana 23

Coastal may struggle early with the Bulls, who can put up points quickly.  But not for too long.

Coastal Carolina 41 Buffalo 27

The Hokies are looking like their old selves.

Virginia Tech 24 West Virginia 16

The Hurricanes have been something less than impressive through two weeks; Sparty’s resurgence continues with a road win over the U.

Michigan State 35 Miami 27

WIldcats keep rolling into conference play.

Kentucky 52 Chatanooga 10

Tigers will prey on SEMO in standard SEC fashion.

Missou 49 SEMO 13

Vols need a bounce back game.

Tennessee 45 Tennessee Tech 7

Pitt is starting to build up some steam here…. The Broncos won’t stop the roll.

Pitt 42 WMU 14

Syracuse should be able to handle Albany.  

Syracuse 34 Albany 17

BC continues to feast on cream puffs.

BC 52 Temple 6

The Huskies could give the Wolverines some issues… and let’s face it, we’re all waiting for the bottom to drop.  It won’t this week.

Michigan 35 NIU 20

With Army’s D this could be ugly.

Army 42 UConn 0


Imagine how good the Buffs would be if they could score.

Minnesota 17 Colorado 10

The Wolfpack are becoming a decent lower tier team, but they’re not good enough to beat the decent top tier teams yet.

Kansas State 27 Nevada 17

The Irish will falter at some point, possibly soon.  But not against Purdue.  Coan will shine.

Notre Dame 38 Purdue 21

There have been years where ‘Bama fans were worried about going to the Swamp.  2021 is not one of those years.

‘Bama 45 Florida 24

The Buckeyes are pissed.  Remember last time they were pissed?  They retired Trevor from college football.  That was Clemson.   This is Tulsa.  Duck.

Ohio State 63 Tulsa 21

The Tigers very much needed another tune up game.

Clemson 41 Georgia Tech 6

The Hawkeyes now have the eyes of the college football world.  Not sure they’ll even notice.

Iowa 38 Kent State 7

The Trojans were brought crashing back to earth this week.  The Cougars don’t match up as well as Stanford, but it will be interesting to see how the Trojans respond.  We see them struggling some.

USC 31 Washington State 24

So which La. Tech shows up?  Consistency seems to be an issue, so it’s a crapshoot.

SMU 38 La. Tech 35

No, the ‘Noles aren’t back at all.

Wake Forest 35 FSU 17

Rutgers is taking over the world.

Rutgers 52 Delaware 14

UMass is just what the Eagles need.

EMU 38 UMass 14

The Bears get to roll for another week,

Baylor 45 Kansas 16

Seems like every week LIU is letting an FBS team hunt sharks.  Miami’s turn.

Miami 45 LIU 10

The Zips better not miss this week.  Might not be another win out there for them.

Akron 31 Bryant 14

App State gets to sharpen its teeth one more time.

App. State 42 Elon 17

The Beavers should be able to get by Idaho.  Can’t be sure though… lot of teams seem to be having a hard time out west.

Oregon State 38 Idaho 24

The Razorbacks should pile it on the Eagles.

Arkansas 49 Ga. Southern 14

All of those points won’t be happening this week for the Tiges.

Mississippi State 37 Memphis 23

This could be a very close… and very boing… game.

Duke 17 Northwestern 14

There could be some fireworks.  Definitely an ‘over’ game.

Wyoming 52 Ball State 35

The Rams have been terrible over the first two weeks. A MAC opponent should help them remember how to win a game.

Colorado State 27 Toledo 14

The Bears get a week to get it together.

Cal 35 Sacremento State 14

The Huskies should at least be able to handle Arkansas State, right?  Upset Alert.

Arkansas State 34 Washington 24

Time for the Falcons to find that one win for 2021.

Bowling Green 27 Murray State 14

The Roadrunners continue to dismantle lesser teams.

UTSA 45 Middle Tennessee 28

The Owls get another breather.

FAU 35 Fordham 10

Marshall feeds on bad teams, and while ECU isn’t very good, they can score.  And they will.

ECU 42 Marshall 27

Liberty will be looking to silence critics after an unimpressive week 2.

Liberty 48 ODU 10

The Bulldogs should find no resistance here.

Georgia 52 South Carolina 7

The Aztecs have been solid.  The Utes have not.  A nightmare season just gets worse for Utah.

San DIego St. 35 Utah 21

The 49ers continue to reign the college football world with a 3rd straight win.

Charlotte 31 Georgia State 17

Texas Tech should score early and often.

Texas Tech 45 FIU 24

The Golden Eagles are down this year, but they’ll still beat Troy.

Southern Miss 28 Troy 20

This smells like a 50 pointer.

Houston 56 Grambling 6

Even USF gets to feed.

USF 38 Florida A&M 14

The Bobcats make it 2 in a row.

Texas State 34 Incarnate Word 10

Two teams trying to regain glory.  The Lions D will find it this week.

Penn State 27 Auburn 13

The Quack attack will be riding high.  Good chance to put up one of those big stupid wins.

Oregon 63 Stony Brook 14

The Cavs aren’t bad this year, but Carolina is goint to be looking to rip the ACC all to h@ll after the Va. Tech collapse.

North Carolina 49 Virginia 28

The Tigers should still be able to handle a directional school.

LSU 35 Central Michigan 10

The Blazers will still be licking their wounds.  Taking it out on the Mean Green should help.

UAB 41 North texas 17

After laying an egg against Mississippi State an FCS game is just what the Wolfpack needs.

NC State 45 Furman 13

The Falcons will keep rolling… or flying, as it were… against the Aggies.

Air Force 34 Utah State 24

The Longhorns ain’t what they used to be, but they can still handle RIce.

Texas 45 Rice 17

This game looks a whole lot more interesting than it did a few weeks ago.  The Rebels O is clicking, and suddenly Tulane thinks it’s ‘Bama.  The Rebels will no doubt pull away eventually, but… this team did almost beat OU.

Ole Miss 45 Tulane 34

So Stanford’s new star QB or a Vandy winning streak?  Come on.

Stanford 38 Vandy 21

Deion’s boys come to town.  Time for another bad team to get its only win.

ULM 38 Jackson State 7

The Jaguars continue their undefeated domination.

South Alabama 31 Alcorn St. 17

The Lobos dream season…. In other words, a third win.

New Mexico 35 SC State 13

The Cowboys will have their hands full on the blue field.

Boise State 35 Oklahoma State 31

The Wildcats should be able to pull this one off, right?

Arizona 27 Northern Arizona 17

This should be one of the best games of the week, ASU is looking to take over the Big 12, and might.  But I’m on the Jaren Hall bandwagon.

BYU 38 ASU 27

It might get ugly for the Rebels as the Cyclones drown their sorrows.

Iowa State 56 UNLV 14

Fresno State has looked good so far, but UCLA is looking like the Bruins of old.

UCLA 42 Fresno State 21

The Spartans might actually score 300 here.

San Jose State 52 Hawaii 17

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