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Heisman Rankings: Week 1

5 Desmonds Front Runner

4 Desmonds Headed for New York

3 Desmonds Might Get To New York

2 Desmonds In The Conversation

1 Desmond Long Shot

1. QB Bryce Young (Alabama)

I mean… come on. 6 titles in 12 years. It’s a whole team of Tom Bradys. But this year….there was finally a chink in the armor. You can’t win another one if your QB sucks, right? I promise you a lot of college football fans were keeping an eye on Clemson, ‘Bama, and Ohio State. The three teams who have owned the game for years, and all with new young QBs. I promise you a whole lot of those fans… fans with good QBs hoping THIS is the year…. where hoping those 3 QBs would stink it up. One did. One did for a quarter or two. But this…. the one place we all hoped that achilles heel would reveal itself… and the kid is all but perfect. He literally became the Heisman front runner in a week. 5 Desmonds for this kid.

2. QB Spencer Rattler (Oklahoma)

It’s not that Rattler played poorly. He didn’t. He was… good. Made some plays. Put up some points. But what people are going to remember…. and the Heisman in this world is as much about images and viral moments… is that the #2 team in the country damn near got beat by a team that wasn’t very good, and had just been moved out by a hurricane. Rattler was good, but he never took charge. It’s a moment missed. He’s still the clear #2, and if he rolls from here on it won’t hurt him.

3. QB Sam Howell (North Carolina)

It literally couldn’t have been a worse week for Sam Howell. For starters, he was bad. He wasn’t even the best QB on the field, and the other QB threw for 170 yards with a pick. It was that bad. Throw in the fact that your team gets upset… and with 10 points…. Is he out of the conversation? No. He’ll still most likely be in New York. We all love redemtion stories. If he kills it the rest of the way, and other players falter… he’s still got a decent shot. Still 4 Desmonds, but if he falls again the Desmonds will all leave.

4. QB Kedon Slovis (USC)

Slovis was solid, and it wasn’t against a cream puff. He didn’t hurt his chances, but he didn’t do much to help them, either. The Pac-12 isn’t looking particularly strong in 2021, so the odds are he’s going to win games and put up numbers. And if he doesn’t blow it, he’s a pretty safe bet for New York. He’s a Trojan, and while that brand ain’t what it used to be, it still matters. But win? Not likely. He will likely end up in New York, so three Desmonds.

5. QB CJ Stroud (Ohio State)

For about two quarters, Stroud looked like a bust. It looked like the kid was crumbling under the lights. And then… it clicked. You literally saw it happen. And, like with Bryce Young, the dreams of other would be champions were taken. It’s back to the brand. If he has a good enough year and OSU goes undefeated, there’s a pretty good chance he wins the thing. But for now, there’s still plenty of time for him to potentially suck, so he gets three Desmonds.

6. QB Matt Corral (Ole Miss)

Plays Monday.

7. WR Chris Olave (Ohio State)

Olave is the best WR in the country. It may not even be close. He won’t get the kind of numbers that win a WR a Heisman… that team is more loaded at that position than most NFL teams. Unless, that is, Stroud struggles. They have Chemistry, and young QBs tend to lean on one guy when they struggle. If that happens, you could see Olave put up 20 TDs, and that would land him in New York.

8. QB JT Daniels (Georgia)

Georgia’s victory over Clemson was huge. The problem for Daniels, at least on this topic, is that he had pretty much nothing to do with it. I have never seen a battle of ‘Heisman candidates where they both play like absolute garbage. He isn’t out of the conversation, but he’s a full blown dark horse now. He may lose all of his Desmonds in short order… that offense has some issues.

9. QB Brock Purdy (Iowa State)

Iowa State’s win over NIU was just… sad. Just seemed like a complete lack of effort. You can’t write Purdy of the Cyclones of… a lot of good QBs and teams struggled in week one. Iowa did his Heisman hopes a favor by beating the h@ll out of indiana… that created a lot of buzz for this week’s rivalry game. The world will be watching… if Purdy shines Desmond will have friends.

10. QB Grayson McCall (Coastal Carolina)

McCall is the longest of shots, but he has the one thing that might beat out brand… a Cinderella story. Admit it…. unless you’re a Sun Belt fan, you just learned recently that Coastal is a school and you have no idea what the h@ll a Chanticleer is. If he puts up staggering numbers, and Coastal just beats the h@ll out of everyone they play… and some of the branded guys struggle… it could happen. Let a meme about Chanticleers catch, or let him pull some kind of miracle… he could add some Desmonds.

11. RB Bijan Robinson (Texas)

He wasn’t great this week but he was very good… and it was a fairly big game. If QBs keep putting up duds… and that’s a possibility with all of the young guys out there… It could be a RB year.

12. RB Isaiah Spiller (Texas A&M)

It’s hard to gauge how much the Aggies are going to feed Spiller after a week… they were trying out toys against Kent State. If the Answer is “All the time”, which it could be… King was tossing picks all over the place… he should still be in the conversation.

13. QB DJ Uiagalelei

Georgia’s D is good, but… d@mn. No nice way to put it… DJ Uiagalelei left the world wondering if maybe we hadn’t put way too much stock in two games against average defenses. The word ‘overrated’ may have come up. While this was a catastrophic loss and performance, it still leaves him the redemption angle. But he would have to be incredible, and I’m not sure I saw anything even resembling incredible against Georgia.

14. QB D’Eriq King

King was close to terrible against ‘Bama, but… it’s ‘Bama. The’s less than a dark horse now… The one thing he has going for him is that he’s the most likely of the group to spit out a bunch of internet ready sensational plays. Enough of them and he might at least end up in New York.

15. RB Breece Hall (Iowa State)

Hall wasn’t impressive at all in week one. Like Purdy, he’ll have the eyes of the football world on him this week. If he rips of 250 against the Hawkeyes D and his Desmond collection grows.

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