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2021 Washington Football Team Preview

Head Coach: Ron Rivera (Year 2)


Record: 7-9

It was a weird year for the team with no name; they went through what? 12 QBs? The offense was inept at times, but solid coaching and a lights out D carried them to the post season…. albeit as champs of the NFL Least, and they gave Tom Brady and the Bucs a legit run for their money in the first round before bowing out.



2021 Draft Picks

1-19 LB Jamin Davis, Kentucky

2-51 T Samuel Cosmi, Texas

3-74 CB Benjamin St-Juste, Minnesota

3-82 WR Dyami Brown, North Carolina

4-124 TE Joh Bates, Boise State

5-163 DB Darrick Forrest, Cincinnati 

6-225 LS Camaron Cheeseman, Michigan

7-240 DE William Bradley-King, Baylor

7-246 DE Shaka Toney, Penn State

7-258 WR Dax Milne, BYU

The nameless ones had a solid draft, addressing a number of needs and landing several probable starters.

Key Losses

Ronald Darby – CB (to Broncos)

Alex Smith – QB (retired)

Darby will be replaced by William Jackson, and while Smith was a nice story for a minute, he wasn’t an answer to the QB problem.

Key Pick Ups

Ryan Fitzpatrick – QB (from Dolphins)

Curtis Samuel – WR (from Panthers)

Adam Humphries – WR (from Titans)

William Jackson – CB (from Bengals)

Fitzmagic isn’t the long term answer at QB, but he’s a step up. Samuel is a great addition, and Humphries is a solid role player.


Offensive Coordinator: Scott Turner

2020 Points Scored: 335 (25th)

Samual joins fellow Buckeye McLaurin to top off what should be a much improved WR group. The RB group will be a bit of a committee again, but behind one of the better lines in the NFC, Fitz has plenty to work with.


Defensive Coordinator: Jack Del Rio

2020 Points Allowed: 329 (4th)

The D will be elite this year; hands down the best D line in football, and the back end might be good enough to keep up with them.

Special Teams

The special teams unit wasn’t great last year, but looks to be improved in 2021. With a D this good, consistently winning the field position battle might put them over the top.

If Things Go Well

If Fitzpatrick can shine under center, the football team (pick a damn name already!) could challenge the Cowboys for the NFC East.

If They Don’t

The guy is pushing 40, and the WR group is improved, but no where near elite. if the O struggles, the D cn only do so much.


There’s no telling with this team. If things go well, it’s a playoff team. Fitz is really just a mercenary; the team needs to find a franchise QB. They may yet regret not giving Dwayne Haskins a chance to grow. But for 2021, this looks like .500 type of football team.

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Date Opponent
Sep. 12
Los Angeles Chargers
Sep. 16
New York Giants
Sep. 26
at Buffalo Bills
Oct. 3
at Atlanta Falcons
Oct. 10
New Orleans Saints
Oct. 17
Kansas City Chiefs
Oct. 24
at Green Bay Packers
Oct. 31
at Denver Broncos
Nov. 7
Nov. 14
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Nov. 21
at Carolina Panthers
Nov. 29
Seattle Seahawks
Dec. 5
at Las Vegas Raiders
Dec. 12
Dallas Cowboys
Dec. 18
at Philadelphia Eagles
Dec. 26
at Dallas Cowboys
Jan. 2
Philadelphia Eagles
Jan. 9
at New York Giants

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  1. Just 8 wins? This team went through four different (extremely below average) QBs last season and still somehow managed to squeeze out 7 wins. How can you seriously predict only one extra win with even just average QB play from Fitz? Last year he was 17th in passer rating (95.6) and 5th in the league in QBR at 76.9.

    Have a look at this QBR/Passer Rating chart from last year:

    As you can see, our two best passers, Haskins and Smith, are dead last in the entire league. Meanwhile Fitz is clearly above average. Not to mention Washington has more more offensive weapons this year than Miami did last year. This enormous upgrade alone at QB is enough for more than one extra win for Washington this season. Combine that with the fact that they actually made upgrades on both sides of the ball too.

    Dallas and NYG have so many question marks this year, yet somehow they are both above WTF in your power rankings? There is a strong possibility Dak does not live up to his pre-injury performance. Will he still be capable of 40+ point shootouts every game after a major injury? He will certainly need to be in that type of form again since the team barely made any major improvements on D. And I can guarantee nobody is scoring 40 points on this Washington D!

    As for the Giants, there is also a similar argument for Saquon. And do I even need to mention how big of a question mark Daniel Jones is? I will admit that if DJ can get it together, then NYG is easily a scarier team than Dallas. They are just so much more balanced on both sides of the ball.

    The worst thing going for Washington is their first place schedule this year. But it definitely gives them a good chance to prove whether or not they can hang with the good teams.

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