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2021 Kansas City Chiefs Preview

Head Coach: Andy Reid


Record: 14-2

The Chiefs were the closest thing we’ve seen to repeat championships in years. You can’t argue with 14-2, but there were times during the year when they weren’t exactly dominant.


2021 Draft Picks

2-58 LB Nick Bolton, Missouri

2-63 C Creed Humphrey, Oklahoma

4-144  DE Joshua Kaindoh, Florida State

5-162 TE Noah Gray, Duke

5-181 WR Cornell Powell, Clemson

6-226  G Trey Smith, Tennessee

They didn’t have a lot of picks to work with, but they did well with what they had. Bolton could be a beast, and a few of the defensive players could be starters in a year or two. Trey Smith had an issue with blood clots, which made him a gamble… but this is a guard with second round talent that they got in the 6th round. Can’t argue with that.

Key Pick Ups

Orlando Brown – OT (from Ravens)

Jerick McKinnon – RB (from 49ers)

Joe Thuney – G (from Patriots)

Tampa exposed the Chiefs O line in the Super Bowl, But Brown and Thuney may solve that problem.

Key Losses

Sammy Watkins – WR (to Ravens)

Damien Williams – RB (to Bears)

Watkins can’t stay healthy and WIlliams has already been replaced.


Offensive Coordinator: Eric Bieniemy

2020 Points Scored: 473 (6th)

A funny thing happens in the NFL. Every few yers, a QB comes in who “changes the game.” , rips off a historic season. Names like Lamar Jackson… Cam Newton… RG III… Michael Vick. Keep going back and you’ll see more.. Randall Cunningham, etc. Inevitably, they fall into a ‘sophomore slump. It’s usually not the QBs fault… the defensive coaches around the league…Remember, these are the best in the word at what they do… figure out how to stop them. That’s not to say anyone has figured out how to stop the Mahomes and the Chiefs O, but he didn’t put up 5,000 and 50, either. The good defenses will be able to go toe to toe with them. It’s a bit different with the Chiefs…. most teams will still not be able to slow them down…. but enough will that you can’t call them a sure thing anymore. That being said, this will still probably be the best unit in the league through an entire season.


Defensive Coordinator: Steve Spagnuolo

2020 Points Allowed: 362 (10th)

The Chiefs D took a significant step back in 2020, and they didn’t do much to fix what was wrong in the off season.

Special Teams

There aren’t many changes on the secial teams unit in 2021; this should be a sufficient middle tier unit.

If Things Go Well

Mahomes is gonna Mahomes, and this is the Chiefs O. If the D can improve over last year, Kansas City could land in their third straight Super Bowl.

If They Don’t

While that optimistic view above sounds good, it’s not realistic. If the D struggles… and it will… there are alot of games on the schedule the Chiefs could lose. You can’t outscore everyone.


Last year the Chiefs were clearly still the class of the AFC. In 2020, there are a number of teams that could take them out… Baltimore and Cleveland are waiting in the wings, and Buffalo may have a better team… and all 3 have far better defenses. The Chiefs will still sail through the AFC West, but it could be a tough road come playoff times.

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Date Opponent
Sep. 12
Cleveland Browns
Sep. 19
at Baltimore Ravens
Sep. 26
Los Angeles Chargers
Oct. 3
at Philadelphia Eagles
Oct. 10
Buffalo Bills
Oct. 17
at Washington Football Team
Oct. 24
at Tennessee Titans
Nov. 1
New York Giants
Nov. 7
Green Bay Packers
Nov. 14
at Las Vegas Raider
Nov. 21
Dallas Cowboys
Nov. 28
Dec. 5
Denver Broncos
Dec. 12
Las Vegas Raiders
Dec. 16
at Los Angeles Chargers
Dec. 26
Pittsburgh Steelers
Jan. 2
at Cincinnati Bengals
Jan. 9
at Denver Broncos

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