2021 Jacksonville Jaguars Preview

Head Coach: Urban Meyer


Record: 1-15

The Jags were really bad in 2020. Laughably so at times. But they won the race for Trevor, and that was pretty much the goal. Beyond that, the main highlight of the season? Minshew’s mustache.


2021 Draft Picks

1-1 QB Trevor Lawrence, Clemson

1-25 RB Travis Etienne, Clemson

2-33 CB Tyson Campbell, Georgia

2-45 T Walker Little, Stanford

3-65 S Andre Cisco, Syracuse

4-106 DT Jay Tufele, USC

4-121 LB Jordan Smith, UAB

5-145 TE Luke Farrell Ohio State

6-209 WR Jalen Camp, Georgia Tech

Hard to argue with the Jags 2021 draft. Best QB prospect since Andrew Luck? Check. Potential starting running back, chemistry with said QB? Check. Help on multiple levels in the D? Check. Hell, they may have even found one of the steals of the draft in Ohio State TE Luke Farrell in the 5th round. Weather these guys pan out is, of course, unknown, but it looks amazing from this end of the season.

Key Pick Ups

Marvin Jones – WR (from Lions)

Chris Manhertz – TE (from Panthers)

Shaquill Griffin – CB (from Seahawks)

Rayshawn Jenkins – S (from Chargers)

Jones gives the Jags a field stretcher, Martinez is a blocking TE who will help a less than great offensive line drastically in keeping Lawrence off of his backside, and Jenkins and Griffin instantly make the secondary exponentially better.

Key Losses

Chris Conley – WR (to Texans)

Keelan Cole – WR (to Jets)

Hard to imagine the receiving corps isn’t better even with these two gone.


Offensive Coordinator: Darrell Bevell

2020 Points Scored: 306 (30th)

The pieces are in place for the Jags O to be respectable in 2021. It’s easy to get caught up with all of the additions, but it will take time. The building blocks are there, but it could take some time to come together. Safe bet, however, is that the Jacksonville offense will be much better by the end of the year.


Defensive Coordinator: Joe Cullen

2020 Points Allowed: 492 (31st)

The Jaguars D could be the most improved in the league in 2021. The switch to the 3-4 will put the focus on the LBs, which is the strongest part of the unit. They went out and bought serious upgrades in the secondary, and there are some young potential stars who benefited from the extra playing time they got in 2020. Throw in a healthy Josh Allen on the edge and this suddenly looks like a respectable…. possibly even a good…. D.

Special Teams

The special teams was the one unit for the Jags that wasn’t awful in 2020, and could be better in 2021 with a number of solid free agent signings.

If Things Go Well

Lawrence would need to have a rookie of the year type season. But the pieces are there around him for that to happen. The D would have to adjust quickly to the new 3-4 system, but again… the pieces are there. The O line will also need to be improved to even approach this.

If They Don’t

With a team this young, and this many new pieces, it’s just as possible that it could be a rough first year.


There are a lot of questions for the Jags this year, but unlike 2020, there might be answers on hand. Possibly the biggest is this: How will the best college coach of our generation (I know, the guy running the Yankees of College football down in Tuscaloosa… but he did it at ‘Bama. Urban did it pretty much everywhere) translate to the NFL? Not a lot of college coaches do, but We’re not betting against him. Every year a team comes from nowhere and surprises everyone. Here’s that team in 2020. If Lawrence is as good as advertised, and the D gels fast… this could even be a playoff team.

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Date Opponent
Sep. 12
at Houston Texans
Sep. 19
Denver Broncos
Sep. 26
Arizona Cardinals
Sep. 30
at Cincinnati Bengals
Oct. 10
Tennessee Titans
Oct. 17
Miami Dolphins
Oct. 24
Oct. 31
at Seattle Seahawks
Nov. 7
Buffalo Bills
Nov. 14
at Indianapolis Colts
Nov. 21
San Francisco 49ers
Nov. 28
Atlanta Falcons
Dec. 5
at Los Angeles Rams
Dec. 12
at Tennessee Titans
Dec. 19
Houston Texans
Dec. 26
at New York Jets
Jan. 2
at New England Patriots
Jan. 9
Indianapolis Colts
2022 FBS Team Schedules

2022 FBS Team Schedules

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