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2021 Houston Texans Preview

Head Coach: David Culley


Record: 4-12

2020 was a nightmare for the Texans. That simple. Like hard to find a silver lining bad. Only one obvious high point… Bill O’Brien is gone.


2021 Draft Picks

3-67 QB Davis Mills, Stanford

3-89 WR Nico Collins, Michigan

5-147 TE Brevin Jordan, Miami

5-170 LB Garret Wallow, TCU

6-195 DT Roy Lopez, Arizona

The Texans Drafted in 2021 the way they played in 2020… Not a lot to work with and didn’t do much with it. Mills is a head shaker. Collins has potential, but it’s all guesswork because the guy never had a good QB at Michigan. The rest are likely role players at best.

Key Pick Ups

Phillip Lindsay – RB (from Broncos)

Mark Ingram – RB (from Ravens)

Tyrod Taylor – QB (from Chargers)

Anthony Miller – WR (from Bears)

A couple of average RBs, an average WR, and, in case Deshaun Watson is in jail, a QB who won’t put up similar numbers or win games.

Key Losses

J.J. Watt – DE (to Cardinals)

Will Fuller – WR (to Dolphins)

Randall Cobb – WR (to Packers)

All three will be missed, although none of the three would have mattered much here.


Offensive Coordinator: Tim Kelly

2020 Points Scored: 384 (T-18th)

Watson somehow managed to put up pro bowl numbers for the Texans in 2020. Proof that, aside from his possible upcoming prison sentence, he is a great QB. But with even fewer weapons than he had last year, that will be hard to duplicate. The receiving corps and O line will be bad, and the RB stable… without a line… this is going to get ugly.


Defensive Coordinator: Lovie Smith

2020 Points Allowed: 464 (27th)

Aside from the fact that the Texans won’t have any kind of pass rush, the secondary being a target range for opposing QBs, and the fact that they are incapable of generating turnovers, the Texans are in pretty good shape here.

Special Teams

While the offense and defense will be terrible, the special teams will actually be the strength of this team… by default, mainly. An above average unit, and the pieces are all back here.

If Things Go Well

Watson avoids prison long enough to play the whole season, and carries them to… well, a few wins.

If They Don’t

The Texans have a legitimate chance to be historically bad.


If we made it sound dismal, that’s because it is. Bill O’Brien turned this place into Detroit south. Calling the shot…. the Texans won’t even stumble into a win.

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Date Opponent
Sep. 12
Jacksonville Jaguars
Sep. 19
at Cleveland Browns
Sep. 23
Carolina Panthers
Oct. 3
at Buffalo Bills
Oct. 10
New England Patriots
Oct. 17
at Indianapolis Colts
Oct. 24
at Arizona Cardinals
Oct. 31
Los Angeles Rams
Nov. 7
at Miami Dolphins
Nov. 14
Nov. 21
at Tennessee Titans
Nov. 28
New York Jets
Dec. 5
Indianapolis Colts
Dec. 12
Seattle Seahawks
Dec. 19
at Jacksonville Jaguars
Dec. 26
Los Angeles Chargers
Jan. 2
at San Francisco 49ers
Jan. 9
Tennessee Titans

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