NFL and College Football Concept Helmets

Football Concept Helmets
Football Concept Helmets

What are football concept helmets?

First thing’s first.  There’s some reading here if you’re interested.  If you’re not, feel free to skip it.  Scroll down until you see Peter Griffin, and click a picture.  You’ll find the Football Concept helmets you came for there.  Scroll a bit more if you’re just looking for your team.  They’re all there… NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and College Football.  If you’re mildly curious what the hell a concept helmet is or what it’s for or why we’ve done so damn many of them… read on.

Football concept helmets probably aren’t a thing you’ve ever in your life given a thought to. I hadn’t either until my 4 teenagers and I decided, last fall, to start this stupid blog as a COVID project. We began with our own power rankings. We’re football nerds, and so of course thought we could do a much better version than what was out there. (Like most things in life, we learned it’s harder than it looks).

Along the way, as we almost started to figure out how this thing works, we discovered something called a “Concept helmet”. It’s exactly what it sounds like; an idea for a different version of a team’s helmet. It’s one of those words like “ear worm”… an “I knew there had to be a word for it” word. And there are a lot of boring ass helmets out there. Most of the power schools are. Ohio State, Penn State, Notre Dame. Jest that one color, maybe a stripe or two. And how many schools, like our Badgers, are just sporting a letter? I know, tradition. Packers have as much as anyone, and I love our G. But who hasn’t wondered… what if? What if our school went nuts and splashed the state flag all over it like Maryland? Or changed it every commercial break like Oregon?

Growing up in Wisconsin, we are, of course, Green bay Packers and Wisconsin Badgers fans. Most reading this will know what the Packers helmet looks like.

Green Bay Packers Helmet

The Same yellow helmet and G that’s been there as long as I’ve been alive, and I’m pretty close to old. Our Badgers aren’t any more original:

Although they did pull a drastic change back in the 80’s, from this :

From a block W to a slightly curved one. We’re all about innovation up here in the Northwoods. So yeah… I’m sure many of us who’s teams have bland helmets, we have wondered on occasion… what if?

And as we scoured the web for ideas to make our little power rankings more interesting to look at, we discovered that we were far from the first ones to ask that question; there are all kinds of concept helmets out there… if, that is, you support a popular team. Plenty out there for NFL teams. If you roll with Ohio State or ‘Bama or Clemson, you’ll find all kinds of amazing concept helmets out there.

But if you’re a fan of one of the little anagram or directional schools (UTEP, UAB, East Carolina) or always fun states that aren’t states (Kent State, Appalachian State) you might be out of luck. And so we started making our own. Don’t misunderstand; we aren’t designing the things. We’re not artists or graphics designers. This was as simple as finding things and asking… will it helmet?

Some things definitely didn’t, but but some really did And that’s how we started. I couldn’t tell you how many of these things we did. We would spit out dozens of the things for every team., and keep the ones we thought looked cool. It’s a blast when you try something, and when you’re done you have that moment… realizing it’s not something any team would ever take the field in, but there at that moment… it’s just pretty cool. I mean, it’s the internet. Not long ago, only one of those artists or graphics designers could both ask… and answer… that question. Now some guys and his kids… hell, anyone… can.

 The season ended, but our newfound hobby didn’t.  The kids discovered what’s apparently known as “mash ups”.  I didn’t get it at first, but once they explained it to me… hell, this was more fun than what we were doing before.  Rather than explain, I’ll show you:

What A Concept Helmet Looks Like

Miami Dolphins Star Wars NFL Concept Helmet
Miami Dolphins Star Wars NFL Concept Helmet
Arizona Cardinals Marvel NFL Concept Helmet
Arizona Cardinals Marvel NFL Concept Helmet
Dallas Cowboys Disney NFL Concept Helmets
Dallas Cowboys Disney NFL Concept Helmets
New Orleans Saints NBA Mash Up Helmet
Washington WWE NFL Concept Helmet
Washington WWE NFL Concept Helmet

Most of us will see pretty quickly that those are helmets for the Dolphins, Cardinals, Cowboys,  Saints, And the nameless team. (Find a new damn name already!) They’re mashed up with Star Wars, Marvel, Disney, WWE, and the NBA.  Is there a point to these things?  Nope.  They’re just cool to look at.  It’s kind of a Tim Burton thing… put reality away for a minute.  Don’t worry about why there’s a football helmet for the Yankees….

New York Yankees Football COncept Helmet

You just say “OK, the pinstripes would kind of work on a helmet, too.  That’s it.  Half a year later, just north of a quarter of a million people have landed on our page.  In the scope of the internet, we realize that’s nothing.  There are Youtubers and such who see that every day, but to us?  Hell, we live in a town of 30,000 people.  250k is alot to us.  And the interactions we’ve had have been amazing.  More than we can count anymore.  Just this morning an Army vet sent a message to tell us that he hated what Army and Navy had been doing with their helmets in recent years, but that he would be “proud” to see the Cadets take the field in this:

Army Black Knights Concept Helmet
Army Black Knights Concept Helmet

 So we keep doing it.  We’ve had a ton of comments and messages asking us to put them all in one place…. Our page is pretty basic and in some places and not easy to navigate.  Like I said, we’re learning.  So here’s all we’ve done. In one place.  Fairly well organized.  Scroll down, you’ll find all of our mash ups.  If you just want to see a specificn team, scroll a bit more.  They’re all there…. NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL, and College Football.  If that doesn’t sound a bit interesting to you, you’ll probably want to bail here, but thanks for sharing a bit of our journey.  If you’re even a bit curious…. Hell, look around.  They’re all linked together, so you’ll be able to bounce around pretty easily.  Hopefully you find one or two that hit you the way others’ hit us… that’ll make you stop caring why and just say.. Why the hell not?

All 32 NFL team’s concept mash-up helmets with all of your favorite Family Guy characters.

Mash-Up Football Concept Helmets

NFL/NBA Mash Up Concept Helmets

This one was really cool… seeing not just a logo and an image or character combined, but two seperate logos? And making it work? Come on.

Trump NFL Takeover Concept Football Helmets

Imagine if Donald Trump took over the NFL… and decided to remake each team in his own image… or just click and see it.

Star Wars Football Concept Helmets
Star Wars Concept Helmets

Everyone loves Star Wars, and everybody loves football, but who would have thought they’d work so well together?

NFL Marvel Avengers Football Concept Helmets

I won’t lie; when the kids told me they did a set of Marvel football concept helmets, I was geeked.  Of course my first thought… which character are the Packers?  Again, surprising how well some of these work.

Disney NFL Football Concept Helmets

Trying to get your kids… or your football widow.. Into football?  This is a great place to start.

WWE NFL Football COncept Helmets

Do you smell what the NFL is cooking? Click here to smell for yourself.

Game of Thrones NFL Football Concept Helmets

Game of Thrones may have ended, but it lives on in these NFL/ GOT football concept helmets.

Let’s be honest… a big part of football is talking sh*t.  These Roast Concept Helmets are a great way to do so.

If Disney concept helmets didn’t get them, hit them with Looney Tunes.

Here’s a curve ball for ya. Seems like half the NFL has been sidelined at some point for smoking weed… and since it’ll probably be legal everywhere in a few years… here’s a look at the NFL in a weed world.

We all love Halloween… here’s what it would look like if we decorated the NFL for the holiday.

Plenty of football fans out here are fat… I’d know. I’m one of ’em. Here’s how it looks when those of us who are thinness impaired take over.

This was one of my favorites; NFL teams mashed up with major corporate logos… Like the Patriots PBR logo and Broncos Mustang logo up there.

Yeah, they have their Yeah, they have football in England… but it’s not FOOTBALL.  Here’s what it might look like if we England-ed up the NFL.

If Disney and Looney Tunes didn’t get them, here’s our last ditch effort. If you aren’t familiar with Pokemon, don’t look. I’ll hurt your brain.

COVID is no laughing matter; our town got hit harder than most.  But sometimes, when something sucks enough…. And this pandemic damn sure does that… all you can do is make fun of it.

Like England, Canada has their version of football. Here’s what happens when you let those polite bastards get a hold of the NFL.

NFL Superheroes Football Concept Helmets

We end our journey the way you should… with a bunch of damn super heroes! That’s the end of our concept helmet mash ups, but keep scrolling.. like I said up there, if you keep going you’ll find every baseball, basketball hockey, and college and pro football team. Click yours to see what we came up with for your team!

NFL Football Concept Helmets

NFL Football Concept Helmets
Green Bay Packers Concept Helmets
Green Bay Packers Concept Helmets
Chicago Bears Football Concept Helmets
Chicago Bears Concept Helmets
Detroit Lions NFL Football Concept Helmets
Detroit Lions Concept Helmet
Dallas Cowboys Concept Helmet
Washington Football Team Concept Helmet
Philadelphia Eagles Concept Helmet
New York Giants Concept Helmet
San Francisco 49ers Concept Helmet
Los Angeles Rams Concept Helmet
Arizona Cardinals Concept Helmet
Seattle Seahawks Concept Helmet
Carolina Panthers Concept Helmet
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Concept Helmet
Atlanta Falcons Concept Helmet
New Orleans Saints Concept Helmet
Miami Dolphins Concept Helmet
New York Jets Concept Helmet
Buffalo Bills Concept Helmet
New England Patriots Concept Helmet
Cincinnati Bengals Concept Helmets
Cincinnati Bengals Concept Helmets
Cleveland Browns Concept Helmet
Pittsburgh Steelers Concept Helmets
Pittsburgh Steelers Concept Helmets
Baltimore Ravens Concept Helmet
Jacksonville Jaguars Concept Helmet
Indianapolis Colts Concept Helmet
Houston Texans Concept Helmet
Tennessee Titans Concept Helmet
Kansas City Chiefs Concept Helmets
Kansas City Chiefs Concept Helmets
Los Angeles Chargers Concept Helmet
Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos Concept Helmet
Las Vegas Raiders Concept Helmet

NBA Football Concept Helmets

Philadelphia 76ers Concept Helmet
Brooklyn Nets Concept Helmet
Milwaukee Bucks Concept Helmet
New York Knicks Concept Helmet
Atlanta Hawks Concept Helmet
Miami Heat Concept Helmet
Boston Celtics Concept Helmet
Indiana Pacers Concept Helmet
Charlotte Hornets Concept Helmet
Chicago Bulls Concept Helmet
Toronto Raptors Concept Helmet
Cleveland Cavaliers Concept Helmet
Washington Wizards Concept Helmet
Orlando Magic Concept Helmet
Utah Jazz Concept Helmet
Detroit Pistons Concept Helmet
Phoenix Suns Concept Helmet
Denver Nuggets Concept Helmet
Los Angeles Clippers Concept Helmet
Dallas Mavericks Concept Helmet
Portland Trail Blazers Concept Helmet
Los Angeles Lakers Concept Helmet
Golden State Warriors Concept Helmet
San Antonio Spurs Concept Helmet
New Orleans Pelicans Concept Helmet
Sacramento Kings Concept Helmet
Minnesota Timberwolves Concept Helmet
Oklahoma City Thunder Concept Helmet
Houston Rockets Concept Helmet
Memphis Grizzlies Concept Helmet

MLB Concept Helmets

New York Mets Concept Helmets
Philadelphia Phillies Concept Helmets
Atlanta Braves Concept Helmet
Washington Nationals Concept Helmets
Miami Marlins Concept Helmets
Milwaukee Brewers Concept Helmets
Cincinnati Reds Concept Helmets
Chicago Cubs Concept Helmets
Pittsburgh Pirates Concept Helmets
St. Louis Cardinals Concept Helmets
San Francisco Giants Concept Helmets
San Diego Padres Concept Helmets
Los Angeles Dodgers Concept Helmets
Arizona Diamondbacks Concept Helmets
Colorado Rockies Concept Helmets
Tampa Bay Rays Concept Helmets
New York Yankees Concept Helmets
Toronto Blue Jays Concept Helmets
Boston Red Sox Concept Helmets
Baltimore Orioles Concept Helmets
Chicago White Sox Concept Helmets
Cleveland Guardians Concept Helmets
Detroit Tigers Concept Helmets
Minnesota Twins Concept Helmets
Kansas City royals Concept Helmets
Houston Astros Concept Helmets
Texas Rangers Concept Helmets
Oakland A’s Concept Helmets
Los Angeles Angels Concept Helmets
Seattle Mariners Concept Helmets

NHL Football Concept Helmets

Florida Panthers Concept Helmets
Tampa Bay Lightning Concept Helmets
Nashville Predators Concept Helmets
Dallas Stars Concept Helmets
Chicago Blackhawks Concept Helmets
Detroit Red Wings Concept Helmets
Columbus Blue Jackets Concept Helmets
Carolina Hurricanes Concept Helmets
Pittsburgh Penguins Concept Helmets
Washington Capitals Concept Helmet
Boston Bruins Concept Helmets
New York Islanders Concept Helmets
New York Rangers Concept Helmets
Philadelphia Flyers Concept Helmets
New Jersey Devils Concept Helmets
Buffalo Sabres Concept Helmets