2021 Michigan Wolverines Football Preview

Michigan Wolverines Football Preview
Michigan Wolverines Football Preview

Michigan Wolverines Football Preview

Michigan Wolverines

2020 Record: 2-4


5 ⭐ ………. 1

4 ⭐………. 11

3 ⭐………. 10

Rank:  13


The youngest member of RoughintgThePasser is my 15 year old son. We were watching a video on helmets, and he saw for the first time that Michigan basically invented helmet design. What he said, I think, summarizes the 2020 Wolverines perfectly. “That’s ironic. Cuz now they suck at it”. Yup.


Every year is “the year” for the Wolverines. I think the secret here is to lower the standards. If the goal is to Beat Ohio State, reach the playoff, etc., it’s already over. Neither of those things is going to happen. We’re Badgers fans, so here’s some advice. You’re one of us now. Welcome to the second tier. We win our share of games. Usually ranked. 9 or 10 wins isn’t unusual. No one will ever call us playoff contenders. We’ll grab a conference title if OSU has a down year. Set the bar here. Not so much disappointment.

If Things Go Well:


Harbaugh has to get alot of things right to get to this point, and as much as it would be nice to see Michigan on New Year’s Day again, that’s hard to imagine. There isn’t anyone at QB worth being excited about. Good skill players. A D that was God-awful and is now basically coached by a rookie, so who the hell knows what happens there. Maybe Harbaugh saves his job and realizes that Bo and Woody football doesn’t work when your Rival is basically an SEC team.

If They Don’t


If they can’t find a QB and the rookie coaching the D flops, it’s goodnight, Jimmy.



It took a pandemic to not lose to Ohio State. That’s how bad it’s gotten. Apologies to Wolverines fans if this offends you guys, but (and I never though I would ever say this when you guys were kicking us around for decades) we miss when you guys didn’t suck.

Michigan Wolverines Football Schedule 2021

Sep. 4
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Sep. 11
Washington Huskies Concept HelmetWashington Huskies BUY TICKETS
Sep. 18
Northern Illinois Huskies Concept HelmetNIU Huskies BUY TICKETS
Sep. 25
Rutgers Scarlet Knights  BUY TICKETS
Oct. 2
at Wisconsin Badgers BUY TICKETS
Oct. 9
Nebraska Cornhuskers Concept Helmetat Nebraska Cornhuskers BUY TICKETS
Oct. 16
Oct. 23
Northwestern Wildcats Concept HelmetNorthwestern Wildcats BUY TICKETS
Oct. 30
Michigan State Spartans Concept Helmetat Michigan State Spartans BUY TICKETS
Nov. 6
Indiana Hoosiers Concept HelmetIndiana Hoosiers BUY TICKETS
Nov. 13
Penn State Nittany Lions Concept Helmetat Penn State Nittany Lions BUY TICKETS
Nov. 20
Maryland Terrapins Concept Helmetat Maryland Terrapins BUY TICKETS
Nov. 27
Ohio State Buckeyes Concept HelmetOhio State Buckeyes BUY TICKETS
Dec. 4
Big Ten Football ScheduleBig Ten Championship BUY TICKETS
Michigan Wolverines Football Schedule 2021
2022 FBS Team Schedules

2022 FBS Team Schedules

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