Texas A&M Aggies Concept Helmets

So… a quick disclaimer. If you zoom in really close on the helmets below, you will probably see that they are not very well put together. The coloring may not be quite right. The images may not be completely centered. It will, in fact, look like something a bunch of kids threw together with Photoshop.

And with good reason; that’s how we made them. And 4 of the 5 of us are actually kids, so.. yeah. We don’t take it personally. But that’s not the point of these. They’re concept helmets. What ifs. As we’ve become a bit enamored with the whole helmet design thing, we’ve realized that if you approach it the right way, it’s just… fun. But you do have to Tim Burton it a bit. Suspend reality. This isn’t about a helmet that a team will ever actually wear. It isn’t about the scale model helmet in the plastic case you get autographed.

It’s about wondering… What if the yellow part of the Packers helmet actually looked like cheese?

Or what if The Rutgers Scarlet Knights helmet actually looked like a Knight’s helmet?

Or what if they Made Navy’s helmet look like a Naval Officers lid?

None of those will ever see the field. I doubt they’ll even be created as helmets. But they should be, because… they’re amazing. Our designs will not look as good, of course. Those are made by professionals, which we very much are not. Nor will our ideas be as original… but they’re ideas.

So if you’d like to tell us they’re poorly put together and designed garbage, we will read and most likely enjoy your comments. But be forewarned… we are aware. But try to see past to the idea… We’re in Wisconsin, Packers and Badgers fans. We’ve literally had the same two letters as logos as long as I’ve been alive… and I’m old. It’s fun to wonder, to imagine what we could do if we just stepped outside of a letter. No one would make any of these into an actual helmet… but on the internet where ideas are everything and this easy to manifest… what the hell.

So, Aggies fans, here are our ideas.

2022 FBS Team Schedules

2022 FBS Team Schedules

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