NFL Power Rankings and Picks

Final Official NFL Power Rankings



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1. Buffalo 13-3

Beat Miami 56-26

If the Bills wanted to head into the playoffs with a bit of swag… hanging damn near 60 on the Dolphins as they dismissed from the playoff picture seems like a good way to do so. If there’s one team the Chiefs should be afraid of in the AFC, its here. Bills mafia is thinking Super Bowl.


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2. Green Bay 13-3

Beat Chicago 35-16

The road to the Super Bowl runs through Lambeau, and in an NFC playoff field in which the rest of the players are all warm weather teams, that doesn’t bode well for the field. Throw in old, washed up (MVP) Aaron Rodgers and a Packers O built for playoff success, a D that’s starting (finally) to come together and the Cheeseheads are looking to Tampa.


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3. Kansas City 14-2

Lost to LA Chargers 38-21

It’s hard to call a 14-2 team unimpressive, but that’s exactly what the Chiefs have been for most of the second half of 2020. Narrow victory after narrow victory has them looking defeatable. Was this the Bulls syndrome, where a Championship team gets bored during the season and turns it on in the post season? With the Bills looming, they’d better hope so.


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4. New Orleans 12-4

Beat Carolina 33-7

It’s hard to imagine this won’t be Drew Brees last run. There were times this year when the Saints looked unstoppable, and there were times they just looked average. How Alvin Kamara fares with COVID will determine weather Brees leaves with another early punchout on his way out.


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5. Seattle 12-4

Beat San Francisco 26-23

Now that the Seahawks D is respectable again, Russel Wilson is scary in the post season again. If the ground game shows up, they could slip past some teams. It’s hard to see a Super Bowl, though… still too many holes.


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6. Pittsburgh 12-4

Lost to Cleveland 24-22

Seems like that whole ‘undefeated’ thing was a long time ago, doesn’t it? Big Ben looked like Old Ben over the last month. This team may regret letting the Browns slip into the playoffs, and could be their first playoff victim since the Cleveland re-boot.




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7. Tennessee 11-5

Beat Houston 41-38

The Titans at the end of 2020 look a lot like the Titans at the end of 2019, and that team would up a game away from the Super Bowl. A team riding behind the best running back in the NFL is always going to be a post season threat, But it’s hard to imagine they’ll get through the AFC gauntlet.


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8. L.A.Rams 10-6

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Beat Arizona 18-7

The Rams are Rocking a Super Bowl caliber D, but the other side of the ball… especially the QB position… will keep them from making any real playoff noise.


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9. Baltimore 11-5

Beat Cincinnati 38-3

Bad news for Ravens fans: NFL D’s started to figure out Lamar in 2020. That’s how it works; something new shows up, thd the D’s evolve. Good news for Ravens fans: As that happened, Lamar responded by evolving himself. He is better as a passer than he was last year, and his decision making in the passing game has notched up as well. This is still one of the league’s best running games, and that Ravens D is still there. If you’re looking for an AFC Dark Horse, here ya go.


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10. Tampa Bay 11-5

Beat Atlanta 44-27

As much talent as there is on this roster, the Bucs never really put it all together, and never really established an offensive identity. The D was disappointing down the stretch. We’re not going to count the Goat out, but if he gets a ring this time it may be his greatest accomplishment.


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11. Cleveland 11-5

Beat Pittsburgh 24-22

After I don’t know how many years where the Browns were the preseason vogue pick, decades of “this will finally be the year”… it finally is. You gotta be happy for Cleveland’s faithful. They just had to learn that Baker is not the messiah, but a game manager. The best one two punch in the league at RB might just get this team a playoff win.


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12. Indianapolis 11-5

Beat Jacksonville 28-14

The Colts are good. The D is good, Rivers is still moderately good, everything is just… good. But there hasnt been a moment in 2020 where you looked up and said “Damn. Maybe the Colts are really good.” Nor is there any reason to think there will be.




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13. Miami 10-6

Lost to Buffalo 56-26

I won’t lie; I was a bit of a bandwagon jumper for the ‘Phins at one point. They’re just a solid, fundamental football team. They tend to surprise you. But I feel bad for the fans; this should have been a playoff team. Tua is what he is, and I think he would have been so if he had ridden the bench this year. With Fitzmagic in there it could have been… well, magic.


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14. Chicago 8-8

Lost to Green Bay 35-16

As a Packer fan, no one is more delighted that Trubisky probably played himself into an extended stay in Chicago. Thanks to Da Bears, the Nameless ones from Washington aren’t the most undeserving team still playing.


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15. Arizona 8-8

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Lost to LA Rams 18-7

There may not have been a more disappointing team in the NFL is 2020.



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16. Washington 7-9

Beat Philadelphia 20-14

The D line may end up being historically good; Chase Young, it turns out, really is a monster. And Alex Smith… how can you not appreciate a comeback like that? It’s too bad it will be such a short story.


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17. Las Vegas 8-8

Beat Denver 32-31

There were times this year when it looked like Chuckie had these guys looking like… the Raiders. Pound the ball. Bombs away with the vertical game. They just weren’t good enough at any of it consistently to do any real damage.


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18. Minnesota 7-9

Beat Detroit 37-35

The Viqueens came into 2020 with high expectations, But that came to a quick and painful end early on. But you gotta give credit where it’s due; they never mailed it in. Dalvin Cook: Also a monster.


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19. L.A. Chargers 7-9

Beat Kansas City 38-21

Herbert should be Rookie of the year. You get the feeling there will be battles between him and Joey B for years to come.


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20. N.Y. Giants 6-10

Beat Dallas 24-19

As bad as the G-Men were to start the year, the fact that they were as close to the playoffs as they were… even in the NFL Least… made for an amazing turnaround.


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21. Carolina 5-11

Lost to New Orleans 33-7

Other than the 39ers, no team was a s decimated as the Panthers in 2020. 2021 should be an amazing year in Carolina.


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22. San Francisco 6-10

Lost to Seattle 26-23

This was supposed to be the year for the ‘Niners, but injuries turned them into a bad team early on. It’s hard to tell how permanent any of the 2020 damage is.


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23. New England 7-9

Beat NY Jets 28-14

Here are facts: This team was garbage. Cam is garbage. While Brady is still looking for an identity on what amounts to an all star team in Tampa, Belichick winning 7 games with this mess answers the question Tom left behind.


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24. Dallas 6-10

Lost to NY Giants 23-19

2020 was over for the ‘Boys before Dak got hurt. It’s time for Jerry to get out of the way and let someone who knows what they’re doing run this team. McCarthy was the worst. Hire. Ever.


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25. Detroit 5-11

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Lost to Minnesota 37-35

Is it just me or does it seem like Stafford has been here since the 70’s?




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26. Atlanta 4-12

Lost to Tampa Bay 44-27

It’s time to retire the old folks and move on.


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27. Cincinnati 4-11-1

Lost to Baltimore 38-3

Losing Joey B hurt, but it may have been the best thing that could have happened. A month of wear and tear he didn’t have to endure, and a better draft pick… maybe a grown up to keep people from throwing him around.


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28. Philadelphia 4-11-1

Lost to Washington 20-14

We know Hurtz is a winner. That’s something.




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29. Denver 5-11

Lost to Las Vegas 32-31

There’s just nothing to say about the 2020 Broncos. Just the most blah team in history They were just… there.


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30. Houston 4-12

Lost to Tennessee 41-38

You just have to feel bad for Watson.


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31. N.Y. Jets 2-14

Lost to New England 28-14

I know it seems dark for J-E-T-S fans; they can’t even tank properly. But those wins are the reason you guys are going to wind up with Justin Fields instead of the most overrated QB prospect since JaMarcus Russell.


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32. Jacksonville 1-15

Lost to Indianapolis 28-14

The Jags will build around Trevor. Get used to this spot, Jags fans.



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