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Evolution And Revolution: The Coolest Helmet Designs For Every College And NFL Team Past And Future

The Coolest Helmet Designs For Every College And NFL Team Past And Future


If you’re reading this, odds are you’ve encountered our power rankings over the last couple of months. They started as a COVID project for my kids and I; For years we’ve all been obsessed with them, and as many of us are, convinced that we could do a far better version than any out there.

It has been an amazing experience; If you’re a football fan or family I encourage you to give it a shot. Every Saturday for 2 months my 4 sons and I have taken over the living room. Each Team has an index card with the season’s results, and we stay up late into the night Saturday watching the games from that weekend on Youtube and debating who goes where. Not as high tech as I’m sure the folks at ESPN do it, but if you follow the rankings you know it’s hard to imagine their methods are any more scientific.

Along the way we’ve had an interesting side effect. My fifteen year old has done all of the pictures and artwork and such; for those who have felt the need to point out that this page looks like it was designed by a high school kid, no worries.. that’s because it was… when we started, he used helmets that look like this:

Week 2, he discovered that there are retro helmets out there; designs teams have used in the past:

And in week 3, he discovered Star Wars themed helmets. Yup, it’s a thing. And they’re amazing.

The kid did all of the… background stuff? It became a ritual along with the power rankings themselves; Every week we scoured the web, looking for more cool helmets. And man, are there a lot of them out there. As we did so, we decided to gather them all up in one place so we could share them. Helmet art isn’t something most of us pay attention to but when you do, you realize it can be pretty damn cool.

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So below is the product of that work. You’ll find every Major college football team. Beneath the team, you’ll see two blocks… “evolution” and “revolution”. (The same kid’s idea… but he did most of the actual work on this, so we went with his idea… and it does look and sound pretty cool) Click “evolution” and you’ll see every helmet design your team has ever taken the field with. Click “revolution” and you’ll see all of the coolest concept helmet designs we could find. At the bottom of those pages you’ll find the same blocks so you can see both the past and concept helmets with one click, along with a block to see the best NFL helmet designs… again, every team. Or, if you want to skip to the NFL coolest helmets first… here you go.

Some teams obviously have more designs than others; sadly, not a lot of people are out there designing alternative Bowling Green and Louisiana Monroe helmets. But we found at least some for every team. So take a few minutes, and look through the past and possible future helmet design art; you may find, as we did, that it’s actually genuine art in many cases.


Air Force Falcons


Akron Zips


Alabama Crimson Tide