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Ten Best Soldiers Returning Surprises At Sports Events


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I think I appreciate sports now more than I ever did. In a world that seems to have lost it’s mind; pandemics, our own country seemingly on the verge of a civil damn war, people hating each other for political views… I look forward more than ever to the events we all took for granted for so long.

2020 will be the first time in 20 years I haven’t been to a Packers game And yes, the games in empty stadiums are… odd. Lambeau leaps into empty stands are indeed lonely.


So like many of us, I’ve been getting my fix on Youtube. And as I have, I’ve found something amazing. I saw this for the first time a few months ago…

This is absolutely one of the most incredible things I’ve ever found on Youtube. It’s everything that college football… hell, American sports in general… is about. No one there gave two damns about what the person next to them’s political beliefs were. No one care which candidate the woman and two kid in the video supported, and wouldn’t have hated them if they did. The were no South Carolina of Florida State fans at that moment… just a bunch of Americans sharing and acting like Americans.

This soldier surprise isn’t a new idea; there are a million of these videos out there. But they just work so well when done at sports events with a crowd to share that joy with the families.

So take a few minutes… watch some of these. We could all use a reminder of what sports… and being Americans… is all about.

Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Geeki Tiki Muglets
Toynk Toys

The way the little brothers face just explodes… the way they mob him… just a small miracle.


You start to see that the reactions are always the same… and always incredible.

The setup on this one was actually kind of brilliant. That moment of realization… when you see it happen more than once as you watch these… even knowing it’s coming doesn’t stop one bit of the magic.

I don’t know which one is better; the Dad falling and taking the kid with him or the look of stunned joy when he sits up.

It just doesn’t get old….


Damn near the same as the one where the Dad falls and it doesn’t matter.

The big Steelers entrance is epic…

No matter how many of these I watch, it’s always the same. This is who we are, and why sports is what it is to us. Hopefully we’ve reminded a few of that… this is America. We’ve had enough hate.


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