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NFL Throwback: Evolution of Every NFL Teams Every Stadium.

NFL throwbacks are a popular topic at the moment. Especially with a lot of games being cancelled and/or postponed due to COVID-19. With people also staying in more and not being able to attend the football games, a lot of us have turned to YouTube for our NFL fix.

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As a football fan, I found it a little hard when games started getting cancelled. This is the part of the year I look forward to the most. Watching NFL throwback games has always been an interest of mine anyway, but they have been even more so during 2020. (Probably the longest year I’ve ever experienced).
So finding videos such as the ‘NFL Throwback: Evolution of Every NFL Teams Every Stadium’ which was recommended to me by YouTube was quite a nice suggestion on YouTubes behalf.

What NFL Stadium is the best?

I’ll be biased and tell you that Lambeau Field is my favorite football stadium, but that’s only because it’s the home of my team; Green Bay Packers. (Just in case you didn’t know!)
But as an unbiased football fan, I would also say Lambeau Field is my favorite stadium. 
Lambeau Field has history! Don’t get me wrong, I love the new technology and advanced new stadiums such as the SoFi Stadium. But Lambeau Field… well it’s football for me. It’s been there since 1957.  Sporting News listed it as the number 1 stadium in their article: 

Ranking all 30 NFL stadiums, from worst to best.

Of course it has had renovations over the years, but it’s still special in the NFL world.The Packers home stadium hosted one of the footballs most memorable ever games.

The stadium was the site of one of professional football’s most memorable games, the “Ice Bowl” of December 31, 1967, in which the Packers and the Dallas Cowboys played for the NFL championship in −13 °F (−25 °C) weather. -Source: 


I guess there is just some magic to Lambeau Field that some of the newer stadiums don’t yet have. Let me know in the comments below which is your favorite NFL stadium and why. Do you agree with my choice or I am actually just being biased?
 The video below will have a look at some of the older NFL stadiums. A history of NFL stadiums.

     Did you know? 

Only 2 NFL teams are still playing in their original stadium. 

Do you know which teams?

Comment below if you do. Or watch the video further down to find out! 

Bare in mind the ‘Evolution of Every NFL Teams Every Stadium‘ isn’t a short video, but if you’re an avid and dedicated NFL fan, then you’ll probably find this video interesting.  Even more so if you love NFL history and NFL throwbacks. Or even the architecture of NFL stadiums.  You may want to add it to your ‘watch later’ list on YouTube though as it is over an hour long. You may even want to grab a beer or two!

The NFL Stadium documentary below also talks about the up to date NFL stadiums of 2020. “2020 saw the NFL introduce two of the most high tech stadiums that the league has ever seen.” –  Evolution of Every NFL Teams Every Stadium (YouTube)

What’s even cooler about this NFL Throwback YouTube video is that if you are only interested in your favorite teams stadium history, it gives you the exact time to jump to on the video so that you don’t have to sit through stadium history you may not be interested in.

As a guide before you watch the video here are the times for your convenience if you want to skip to your team.  But as a football fan, I would recommend watching the whole show.

Time into video that each NFL teams stadium is discussed:

Chicago Bears:             00:01:19

Arizona Cardinals:       00:04:04

Green Bay Packers:     00:08:21

New York giants:         00:11:54

Detroit Lions:              00:15:45

Washington Football Team:       00:18:19

Philadelphia Eagles:    00:20:51

Pittsburgh Steelers:        00:25:07

Los Angeles Rams:     00:28:02

Cleveland Browns:     00:32:20

San Francisco 49ers:    00:35:10

Indianapolis Colts:    00:38:02

Dallas Cowboys:    00:41:18

Buffalo Bills:         00:44:28

Denver Broncos:         00:46:23

Kansas City Chiefs:    00:48:40

Los Angeles Chargers:     00:51:45

Las Vegas Raiders:         00:53:53

New York Jets:         00:57:12

New England Patriots:    00:59:44

Tennessee Titans:      01:02:33

Minnesota Vikings:     01:06:20

Atlanta Falcons:         01:10:11

Miami Dolphins:     01:13:22

New Orleans Saints:         01:15:46

Cincinnati Bengals:         01:18:35

Seattle Seahawks:         01:22:05

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:        01:25:16

Baltimore Ravens:         01:27:32

Jacksonville Jaguars:     01:28:55

Carolina panthers:         01:30:35

Houston Texans:             01:31:59

NFL Throwback: Evolution of Every NFL Teams Every Stadium

Courtesy of NFL Throwback on YouTube

If you have any thoughts or comments on NFL stadiums, please leave your comments below.
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